We Are Launching a 2013 Blog Series on Knowledge Transfer Strategy

As you know, I’ve spent two decades working in the field of knowledge transfer and run a consulting company that focuses on solving talent management problems through knowledge transfer. It is only in t … Read More
By Steve Trautman Mar 24, 2023

The Top Traits of a Great Knowledge Transfer Internal Influencer

And Resources To Help Them

As the marketing director for The Steve Trautman Co., I am amazed at how hard some of our clients work to influence and bring good knowledge transfer programs into their organizations. These people create s … Read More
By Sonja Gustafson Mar 24, 2023

Improve Your Knowledge Transfer Results

Draft a Case Study for Your KT Pilot BEFORE the Project Begins

For every knowledge transfer pilot my consulting company completes, we like to write a case study that highlights results and lessons learned. The pilot is a test of how an organization responds to a st … Read More
By Steve Trautman Mar 23, 2023

JULY WEBINAR –Knowledge Transfer Strategy

The Key to the ‘People Part’ of Your Existing Business Strategies

Our own knowledge transfer expert, Steve Trautman, will be teaming up with the Houston division of Career Partners International (CPI) to deliver a free webinar on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 2:00 – 3: … Read More
By Sonja Gustafson Mar 22, 2023

Tip: Ask for an Elevator Speech for Knowledge Transfer

I recently had a great experience working outside Paris with a group of project managers from nineteen countries around the world. They are transferring knowledge on how to build half billion Euro (and up … Read More
By Steve Trautman Mar 20, 2023

How to Prioritize Knowledge Transfer for Your Team

Hint: You can’t just say 'Make it a priority.'

Here’s a quick post for managers on the best way to prioritize knowledge transfer within your team or business unit. Priority determines how fast an organization is going to implement their knowledge t … Read More
By Steve Trautman Mar 20, 2023
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