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...pinpoint your team’s talent risk across 26 unique data points.

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...begin reducing your talent risk in 90 mins or less.


...retain and cross-train more than 98% of your company’s unique knowledge and “secret sauce.”

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...reduce your employee’s onboarding time by 50%.

Are retirements, overloaded experts, and talent wars slowing you down? We can help.


If your company depends on technical talent – like scientists, analysts, mechanics or engineers – and you’re not sure whether you have enough of the right people with the right skills to meet your business goals, check out some of our resources.

Our Consultants

The Steve Trautman Co. are global experts in talent risk management and knowledge transfer solutions. We are specialists in solving your day-to-day talent planning, talent shortage, and employee transition problems in your technical and professionally-skilled teams.

We reduce talent risk. Unlike the Deloittes or KPMGs of the world, our consultants start at the strategic level and then go deep—helping you manage risk down at the technical task level where your competitive advantage lives or dies.

Steve Trautman

Steve wrote the book on knowledge transfer and now he has written the book on talent
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Teresa Canady

Supporting teams as they learn and use the Steve Trautman Co. talent risk management framework
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Tim Walker

Tim has been in the business management field for more than a decade. His career began in the
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Marissa Martinez

Marissa started her career as a firmware and software engineer, where she learned words like
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Kelly Prime

Kelly has over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries including software development,
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Bridget Jennings

Bridget Jennings comes to The Steve Trautman Co. after many diverse experiences in wide-ranging
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Todd Hudson

With more than 20 years of engineering and plant management experience at European, Chinese and
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As the pioneers in our field for over two decades, our scalable methods are yielding measurable results at scores of blue chip and global companies every day.

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