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Structured knowledge transfer made simple.

Some form of knowledge transfer already happens in every business—including yours. The trouble is this knowledge transfer is typically insufficient and unpredictable, not to mention too slow, and too hard to measure. Without a structured and measurable knowledge transfer process, how can you be sure that the business-critical knowledge held by your top Subject Matter Expects is sufficiently moved and multiplied when and where it needs to be?

Our knowledge transfer solution gives you justifiable confidence that your talent risks are mitigated. It expedites how quickly you can execute a new strategy. It ensures that your organization’s “secret sauce” doesn’t walk out the door when a critical expert leaves or retires. It cuts a new team member’s on-boarding time to full productivity by half. It ensures your outsource partners have a clear path to success. And when adding headcount is not an option, it enables you to still increase your team’s technical/professional capacity and establish backups by quickly transferring the right knowledge and skills from peer-to-peer.

We are the knowledge transfer experts.

For more than two decades we have been perfecting our knowledge transfer process in some of the most complex organizations on the planet and with some of the most highly specialized and technical job roles.  As consultants and hands-on practitioners, we are students of your business and partner with you to embed knowledge transfer into your culture in a way that compliments your other business systems and goals.

Scalable. Quick. Risk-Mitigating.

We set you up with a clear, scalable process to methodically assess your talent risk and knowledge gaps, align your people on which risks are priority, and then use our quick knowledge transfer tools—the Skill Development Plan and the Knowledge Transfer Workshop—to mitigate the risk.

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