Knowledge Transfer

For more than two decades, we have transferred knowledge and skills to replicate top talent. Our proven process has helped companies navigate growth, reorgs, outsourcing, retirements, employee churn, and succession planning.
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Emergency Knowledge Transfer

There isn’t always time to build out a lengthy knowledge transfer process, but you can still keep critical know-how in-house.

Transfer Skills & Knowledge – Fast

Our emergency knowledge transfer plan is designed specifically to help companies avoid the pain and cost of a critical expert’s departure. Using our tried and true techniques, you can:

  • Define and capture the expert’s areas of knowledge within days
  • Transfer up to 90% of the expert’s knowledge to fellow staff
  • Measure whether knowledge and skills were transferred successfully
  • Identify what wasn’t transferred and mitigate the risks as needed
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Executive Succession Planning

Our succession planning process zeroes in on what makes your departing executive uniquely valuable and replicates those traits within your team.

Beyond the Exit Interview

Through structured knowledge transfer, we provide practical hands-on facilitation to ease the transition for the successor while reducing risks for your company. Using our proven succession planning approach, you can:

  • Go beyond exit interviews to uncover your executive’s secret sauce
  • Transfer relationships and other vital soft skills
  • Reduce the risk of losing key skills by transferring them to multiple successors
  • Measure whether knowledge and skills were transferred successfully
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Grow Your Own

Waves of retirements, 4% unemployment, increasingly mobile staff, talent wars ... it’s a challenging a combination. And hiring alone is not a sufficient strategy.

Replicate Top Talent

If your company is interested in growing skilled workers from within, you’ll want to check out our 3-step solution. It will enable you to:

  • Identify individuals who hold lynchpin knowledge and skills
  • Replicate key experts in half the normal time
  • Prepare for retirements and other staff departures
  • Expedite transitions when you do lose key team members
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Increase Speed

Overloaded experts can create bottlenecks. And when the market demands rapid innovation, every delay drains profit. What do you do?

Remove Roadblocks

When you capture robust data on what your employees do, you can identify and clear roadblocks. Using our data-driven framework and knowledge transfer process, you can:

  • Clear bottlenecks caused by overloaded technical experts
  • Cut onboarding and training time in half
  • Ramp up quickly for new initiatives and changing priorities
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