Talent Risk Management

Our company has pioneered this data-driven approach to ensure you have WHO it takes to execute your strategy, reach your business goals, and increase your speed to revenue.
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Replicate Technical Talent

Without the right tools, it’s hard to understand the value of technical staff until they’re gone – taking critical skills and knowledge with them. And with 4% unemployment, aging workforces, increasingly mobile employees, and a war for technical talent, the risks are greater than ever.

Transfer Knowledge & Skills

Understanding what your people actually DO, identifying areas of risk, and transferring knowledge to other team members will ensure that vital expertise stays in-house, even if your experts don’t. Using our proven, data-driven approach, you can:

  • Identify individuals who hold lynchpin knowledge and skills
  • Prepare for retirements and other staff departures
  • Replicate key experts to increase speed, consistency, and savings
  • Expedite transitions when you do lose key team members
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Increase Speed

Speed. Our clients talk about this issue more than any other. Their experts are overloaded and creating bottlenecks. Onboarding and leveling up staff takes too long. Lack of clarity and alignment slows decision-making to a crawl. And all at time when the market demands rapid innovation and every delay drains profit.

Remove Road Blocks

When you collect robust data on what your employees do, you have the visibility you need to identify and clear roadblocks, expedite training, and quickly align leaders to make informed decisions. Using our data-driven framework and kt plan, you can:

  • Clear bottlenecks caused by overloaded technical experts
  • Cut onboarding and training time in half
  • Ramp up quickly for new initiatives and changing priorities
  • Align leadership for streamlined decision-making
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Optimize Hiring and Retention

A recent Gallup poll found that more than half of employees are actively looking for a new job or watching for openings. How do you stand out in a competitive job market, while minimizing delays and consistency issues that come with constant churn?

Win the War for Talent

Being part of sometime bigger than themselves is important to today’s workers, as is the opportunity to advance. Thus, getting clear on your big picture – and how each employee will contribute – is key to attracting and keeping talent. Using our practical framework and tools, you can:

  • Align your entire team – from the C-suite to the newest hire – around your big picture
  • Attract new talent and expedite onboarding
  • Level up underutilized staff faster and increase retention
  • Ensure consistent and high-quality products even amidst employee churn
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Master Transitions

Mention any massive change – merger, acquisition, re-org, systems overhaul, outsourcing – and you’re bound to hear groans. And for your top talent, big transitions can mean (at best) loss of productivity and (at worst) a mass exodus, particularly in today’s hot job market.

Keep Your Top Talent Thriving

A keen understanding of your pool of talent will help you hang on to value creators on your team and expedite the transition time so everyone is productive immediately. Using our rich talent data and training tools you can:

  • Quickly identify and hold on to key technical talent
  • Integrate teams quickly, while optimizing skill sets and making informed cuts
  • Establish standard-setters right away, so you don’t jeopardize consistency with converging experts
  • Transition with succession planning from a legacy to a new system quickly and completely
  • Outsource or insource work fast without loss of quality
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