Steve Trautman

Managing talent risk in a high-stakes technical workforce.

About Steve

Steve Trautman has been analyzing and solving talent issues for more than 20 years, first as a program manager on Microsoft Word 1.0, then as an executive during Expedia’s growth phase and now as a talent “fixer” for some of America’s most visionary leaders.

Working with executives at Fortune 500 companies, Steve pioneered a revolutionary way to identify the gap between a team’s skills and the expertise that’s really required to deliver on a corporate strategy. Steve has a message for frustrated leaders: “You’re taking a big risk if you’re not 100% sure your team has who it takes to get the job done.”

Steve is the author of three books including Do You Have WHO It Takes? Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce. He’s known for high-energy, humorous keynotes filled with real-world stories that open executives’ eyes to new ways of thinking about how talent drives success.

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“Our membership demand content that isn’t just good to listen to, but will bring value back to their company. Steve gives practical, step-by-step advice and helps attendees reshape how they are thinking about the issue of talent risk. I strongly recommend Steve and hope to invite him back to present again.”

Ann Franz

Executive Director of the Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance

What Steve Talks About

Steve’s area of expertise is the emerging field of talent risk management — bridging the gap between a technical team’s skill and capacity and what’s really required to deliver on a corporate strategy. The following are some of the talks Steve gives:

  • Managing Talent Risk with Multi-Level Succession Planning
  • Departing Experts Will Take It With Them – What’s Your Plan?
  • The People Problems in Re-orgs, Mergers, Acquisitions
  • Millennials: Why They Quit and What You Can Do About It
  • Say Goodbye to Irrelevant Human Capital Analytics
  • Single Point of Failure – Do You Know WHO It Is?
  • Retirement is a Red Herring – Keeping Expertise In-House at Any Age

Where Steve Has Spoken

“Steve is an excellent public speaker. He has excellent platform skills—a commanding presence. In terms of the craft of speaking, I would put him way up there.”

Steve McConnell

CEO of Construx Software

Five Reasons Steve is a Great Fit for Your Event


He's relatable

Steve provides practical tools and solutions drawn from over twenty years of experience.


He has heretical ideas

He’s passionate about fresh approaches to workforce management.


He's got a hundred real-world stories

He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies on three continents and has entertaining, relevant tales to tell.


He customizes each speech

Whether speaking at a private corporate event or a human resources conference, Steve tailors each talk to his audience.


He changes minds

Audiences walk away from Steve’s talks inspired to make changes in their own organizations.

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