Why Knowledge Transfer Is Neither Arbitrary Nor Academic

Successful knowledge transfer is a process—one with definable steps, practical tools, and measurable outcomes. A new manufacturing client prompted the quick Q&A below that shows why knowledge trans … Read More
By Steve Trautman Dec 03, 2021

What Is a Knowledge Transfer Workshop?

Definition: the Knowledge Transfer Workshop is a two day “how-to” workshop, delivered to your identified mentors, apprentices, and, if desired, their managers, providing 15 proven tools & techniques … Read More
By Steve Trautman Apr 21, 2021

Make Your Boss More Useful To You

Nearly all of us have worked for a well-meaning, relatively capable leader who does his or her best each day but still falls short. It is not their fault, really. They are the manager, but that doesn’t me … Read More
By Steve Trautman Mar 01, 2021

The Myth of the Knowledge-Hoarding Expert Unwilling to Mentor Peers

DEFINITION: A mentor is an expert (“subject matter expert,” “SME,” “domain expert,” “pro,” “guru,” “go-to person,” “rock star,” “buddy,” “genius,” etc.)—in any industry … Read More
By Steve Trautman Jan 23, 2021

Help Your On-the-Job Apprentices

DEFINITION: An apprentice  (or learner, mentee, protégé, rookie, newbie, transfer, etc.) is anyone who needs to learn critical job knowledge and skills from you, the mentor  (or Subject Matter Expert, … Read More
By Steve Trautman Dec 17, 2020

How to Prioritize Knowledge Transfer for Your Team

Here’s a quick post for managers on the best way to prioritize knowledge transfer within your team or business unit. Priority determines how fast an organization is going to implement their knowledge t … Read More
By Steve Trautman Oct 17, 2020
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