At The Steve Trautman Co. we are the knowledge transfer experts who replicate your top talent so your workforce is ready.

We are leaders in talent risk management.  Our proven 3-step knowledge transfer process will assess your workforce risks, then increase team readiness and bench strength by replicating your experts’ “secret sauce” in the heads and hands of coworkers.

As the pioneers in knowledge transfer for two decades, our scalable knowledge transfer methods are yielding observable results—within small teams and enterprise-wide projects—at scores of blue chip and global companies every day. Equipped with our knowledge transfer process, you will be confident that you are effectively managing your talent risk.  You will have the team you need to hit your strategy now—and several years from now. Learn more

With our help, you will:

  • Retain and cross-train more than 90% of your company’s unique knowledge and “secret sauce”.
  • Cut onboarding time of new hires or employees in changed job roles by 50%.
  • Learn the simplest and quickest methodology to measurably reduce your workforce risks.