Managing Talent Risks When Executives Transition

Our last blog post focused on reducing executive talent risk by modeling how to methodically transfer the “soft skills” necessary for a new job role. When coming to a new organization, executives al … Read More
By Steve Trautman Dec 02, 2015

Are Our People Really Our Most Important Asset?

Last week’s post to this blog introduced the topic of managing talent risk and busted three common misconceptions around that. Let’s take on another. As business leaders, you manage many risks system … Read More
By Steve Trautman Jun 02, 2014

Knowledge Transfer Solution ‘Soup to Nuts’ – What Implementing 3-Step Knowledge Transfer throughout an Enterprise Looks Like

If you’re like many companies facing a massive IT transformation, the prospect can be daunting. Recently one of our clients, a Fortune 500 retailer, faced a massive IT transformation when upgrading thei … Read More
By Teresa Canady Apr 30, 2014

Knowledge Transfer Strategy in Practice

I am a knowledge transfer consultant for The Steve Trautman Co. who has led two kinds of knowledge transfer projects: those with the benefit of an articulated organizational knowledge transfer strategy  … Read More
By Teresa Canady Feb 18, 2013

Your Knowledge Transfer Strategy Should Define What Good Knowledge Transfer Will Look Like at Your Organization in 1 to 3 Years

Your knowledge transfer strategy—after framing your business's talent problem and providing historical context—should next state your expectation for how knowledge transfer will occur in your organi … Read More
By Steve Trautman Feb 15, 2013

Why Have A Knowledge Transfer Strategy?

Before continuing in this blog series, let’s answer a simple but important question: Why does an organization need a knowledge transfer strategy—why should we care enough to dedicate time and energy t … Read More
By Steve Trautman Dec 05, 2012
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