The 5-Minute Meeting Plan

Much of our work in the field of knowledge transfer is what my colleague Sherryl Christie calls “setting the stage.” We help our clients assess their workforce risk, figure out who holds critical knowle … Read More
By Steve Trautman Sep 06, 2017

20 Test Questions to Measure Knowledge Transfer

One reason we value experts in any organization is for their ability to do great work. We also value them because they are able to answer the questions we have for them with the “right” answer. We all k … Read More
By Steve Trautman Sep 05, 2017

Here’s Why Internships Can Be a Disaster For Your Employment Brand

My local paper just ran a piece on how companies are poaching university professors for AI work, raising concerns among faculty that “they’re eating the seed corn.” It’s another reminder that recr … Read More
By Steve Trautman Jul 22, 2016


How do you recognize and reward successful knowledge transfer? Over the years we’ve seen managers get pretty creative in how they publicly celebrate mentors and apprentices for their achievements togethe … Read More
By Sonja Gustafson Dec 11, 2014

Can Knowledge Transfer Programs Succeed with Employees Who Bill Hourly?

A structured knowledge transfer program intentionally moves critical knowledge and skills from employee to employee on the job. One marker of a good knowledge transfer program is versatility—the process … Read More
By Steve Trautman Sep 26, 2014

The Myth of the Knowledge-Hoarding Expert Unwilling to Mentor Peers

DEFINITION: A mentor is an expert (“subject matter expert,” “SME,” “domain expert,” “pro,” “guru,” “go-to person,” “rock star,” “buddy,” “genius,” etc.)—in any industry … Read More
By Steve Trautman Jul 21, 2014
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