The 5-Minute Meeting Plan

Much of our work in the field of knowledge transfer is what my colleague Sherryl Christie calls “setting the stage.” We help our clients assess their workforce risk, figure out who holds critical knowle … Read More
By Steve Trautman Sep 06, 2017

The Lost Piece of Enterprise Risk Management

Successful organizations are almost always led by executives who implement cohesive plans to mitigate possible risk, regardless of how bad or unlikely it may be. Enterprise risk management, also known as ER … Read More
By Sonja Gustafson Aug 29, 2017

Why Use a CMMS for Knowledge Transfer

At The Steve Trautman Co. we always love a good, practical checklist. A well-designed list of what is known and what needs to be learned is an invaluable tool for knowledge transfer. The knowledge managemen … Read More
By Sonja Gustafson Dec 09, 2016

When Is It Right to Transfer the LEAST Amount of Knowledge to Peers?

  We helped a client with a big insight this week that I wanted to share. This client of our knowledge transfer firm is undertaking a big IT transition, moving support work from one part of the orga … Read More
By Steve Trautman Aug 28, 2015

We Are Launching a 2013 Blog Series on Knowledge Transfer Strategy

As you know, I’ve spent two decades working in the field of knowledge transfer and run a consulting company that focuses on solving talent management problems through knowledge transfer. It is only in t … Read More
By Steve Trautman Dec 05, 2012

The Best Reorganization You’ve Ever Had

Over the years I’ve experienced my share of business reorganizations. In the early days at Microsoft, I had nine offices and five different managers in my first two years. I knew there was a reorg coming … Read More
By Steve Trautman Nov 04, 2011
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