Stacey Dickinson has been in the training industry for over 30 years. Her professional career began at a technology company in a management and marketing support role specializing in the legal market. In 1989 she began working for Microsoft teaching customers to administer, design and implement databases on Microsoft SQL Server version 1.0. She continued working on the product in both training and courseware development through version 7.0. As a training manager at Microsoft, Stacey owned all training for Program Managers and Marketers in the Product Groups. In 1994, she left Microsoft to start her own training and management consulting business, Solutions View, Inc. The company focuses on 3 key areas of effective communication: knowledge transfer, collaboration and critical thinking. Stacey is a master consultant of the 3-step Knowledge Transfer Solution and a master instructor of the Knowledge Transfer Workshop which she has been teaching since the late 1990s. Stacey is an avid hiker and is working on her goal of backpacking the entirety of the magnificent Pacific Crest Trail in her own backyard of Washington state.