Denise Glancy is a 35-year veteran of the IT industry where she was responsible for implementing and motivating people through many a change initiative at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Her technical work experience started in the mainframe era and then led Denise into the Project Management discipline where she helped usher-in the client-server Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) period of People, Processes and Tools. The People aspect then became the focus for the last third of Denise’s career, as Denise developed a multi-year IT Leadership Development Program to recruit, groom and retain top IT talent. Denise championed the creation of the IT Business Analysis Center of Excellence, a discipline that ‘bridged the gap’ between the business community and IT. And finally, she is credited for introducing the Steve Trautman 3-Step Knowledge Transfer Solution to Goodyear IT; a framework that is now loved by all who use it!

Denise and her husband Dave enjoy doing just about anything outdoors and the great North Carolina weather helps to accommodate that. They have a 25 year-old son Zack, who they enjoy following on Facebook as he posts pictures from his around-the-world medivac pilot adventures.