It’s Sonja Gustafson, Marketing Manager at The Steve Trautman Co., here to let you know that Steve is giving a session today at the ASTD 2012 International Conference & Exposition in Denver. The American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) is the world’s largest organization of training professionals, and the conference focuses on development models and trends affecting workplace learning and performance. Steve was asked to speak on knowledge transfer and is sharing how our 3-step Knowledge Transfer Solution assures you will be giving your employees not only the critical knowledge they need to learn their job, but also the best structures to deliver it. He’s explaining how our process helps your organization meet the gold standard “70/20/10” rule for employee training.

Independent studies have shown that only 10% of what an employee needs to learn to do their job well comes from formal classroom training (e.g. certificate programs, workshops).* The other 90% requires a structured process and an organization with a culture of talent development. Because, regardless of occupation, an employee’s remaining job learning comes from 70% being on the job day to day (e.g. asking questions, observing experienced coworkers), and 20% on-the-job structured mentoring.

Here at The Steve Trautman Co., we live and breathe solutions for this 90% area every day. We help organizations make on-the-job learning happen faster, with less stress, and with greater predictability and consistency—and ensure that your employees are learning the most important knowledge first.

We often hear people in a wide range of industries say, “We’re not very good at mentoring” (the 20%). Or “It takes too long to rely on learning-by-osmosis.” (the 70%). With knowledge transfer, this does not need to be the case. Our 3-step solution provides a clear methodology to assess your talent risksand run quick and accountable peer mentoring programs. Typically, our simple tools will speed your onboarding time to productivity by about half. And, we show you how to become a learning organization, which makes the remaining 70% of job learning easier on everyone.

So for those of you who heard Steve speak, please let us know what you think. And for those not attending ASTD 2012, we’ll be adding Steve’s talk to our site’s knowledge transfer resource section in the near future.

Check it out.

*The 70/20/10 learning concept was developed by Morgan McCall, Robert W. Eichinger, and Michael M. Lombardo at The Center for Creative Leadership, and is specifically mentioned in The Career Architect Development Planner, 3rd edition, by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger. Today this 70/20/10 breakout is the widely accepted principle of training and development professionals worldwide.