The Steve Trautman Co.—the Leader in Knowledge Transfer—Rebrands and Changes Its Name to Match Growth


The Pioneer of Knowledge Transfer for Nearly Two Decades Rebrands and Announces New 3-Step Solution

(SEPT. 29, 2011—SEATTLE, WA) The Steve Trautman Co.—formerly known as Practical Leader—has changed its name and rebranded itself in response to growth and to corporate America’s rising interest in the field of knowledge transfer.

The 16-year-old Seattle based company, known for its knowledge transfer expertise, provides blue chips and Fortune 1000s—such as Boeing, Microsoft, Nike, Electronic Arts (EA), Kodak, Kraft, Cadbury, and Honeywell—as well as many in public sector, with workforce risk management and knowledge transfer tools.

The company officially rebooted its brand image on September 29 with the announcement of its name and brand changes and the launch of its new website (, which features free knowledge transfer resources and a new blog.  The company also marked the culmination of its 10-month rebranding effort—led by Chicago-based branding firm HeLT Consulting—with a free knowledge transfer webinar, cosponsored by ic4p, and the publication its hallmark white paper: “Knowledge Transfer: Preserving Your Secret Sauce” (available at

Knowledge transfer is the intentional replication of the expertise, wisdom, and tacit knowledge of critical professionals in the heads and hands of their coworkers.  Often associated with on-the-job training and mentoring, it specifically means methodically moving the right skills at the right time to keep a workforce prepared and productive.

The roots of the field date back to the early 1990s, when The Steve Trautman Co.’s founder and principal Steve Trautman developed the first enterprise-wide knowledge transfer/peer mentoring program for engineers at Microsoft. Trautman pioneered many of the early concepts and terminology for the emerging field. More recently, knowledge transfer has gained attention with C-level and line executives as a way to solve American businesses’ Aging Worker issue (the retirement of large numbers of Boomers from a workforce and the loss of experience and unique knowledge this can cause an organization).

Other common business problems that knowledge transfer addresses are: the need for faster ramp up to productivity of new employees (onboarding); setting best practices and improving consistency in similar jobs; engagement and retention of Millennials; reducing safety incidents and worker attrition; appropriate load leveling to reduce overreliance on one expert; responding to the unexpected loss of a critical expert; and working with offshore partners.

Says Trautman, “The biggest challenge for our company and this business niche has always been combating a lack of awareness that credible, proven solutions to these workforce problems exist. The other challenge has been letting people know that the solutions are not hard. A large part of my work is to demystify the knowledge transfer process for executives.”

Accordingly, the company’s new tagline is: Knowledge Transfer, Quick and Clear.

The Steve Trautman Co. also has rebranded its most popular product—until recently called the Peer Mentoring Workshop, now called the Knowledge Transfer Workshop—which has been used to train tens of thousands of North American workers.  It has also rebranded two other subbrands in its portfolio—a workforce risk assessment tool (Knowledge Silo Matrix) and a planning system for reducing risk (Skill Development Plan).  These three brands now form the company’s core 3-step knowledge transfer solution.

Explains the company’s director of marketing, Sonja Gustafson, “We wanted to make our offerings more accessible to leaders—especially executives outside of HR—through a clear 1-2-3 step process.  I think we’ve done it.  Knowledge transfer is more accessible than ever.”

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The Steve Trautman Co. are experts in knowledge transfer.  The company provides business executives with the simplest, most relevant, and quick solutions for knowledge transfer and workforce risk management.  For nearly two decades their proven tools have helped Fortune 500s and 1000s—in industries such as high tech, manufacturing, finance, energy, government, and communications—assess risk, internally share knowledge, and reduce the loss of talent and experience.

Steve Trautman is corporate America’s leading knowledge transfer expert. With two decades of application inside blue chips and Fortune 1000s, his pioneering work in the field of knowledge transfer and related risk management tools are now the nationally-recognized gold standard. He has written two books, speaks internationally, and is known for a high-energy style that combines humor, street smarts, and board room wisdom.