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Executives today are faced with some of the greatest workforce challenges, demographic shifts, and talent shortages in the last 100 years.





We know that our best people are scattered everywhere but we don’t know exactly who knows what.”
Document and inventory siloed knowledge to reduce the negative impact on performance and flexibility
Our business is growing and we need to replicate our best people.”
Assess and mitigate risks by cross training employees and new hires in critical roles
We don’t know why she’s so good but we wish everybody had her secret sauce.”
Transfer both tacit and explicit knowledge from an aging workforce, overextended experts, and/or departing workers to the next generation
New people take too long to get up to speed.”
Reduce ramp-up to productivity of new hires by helping them drive their own onboarding process
It turns out there is a best way: it would reduce our costs if everybody copied my best person.”
Improve workforce productivity and cut costs by increasing consistency between designated employees
I don’t want my best technical expert teaching others things as mundane as how to fill in expense reports.”
Spread the work of “mentoring” all employees in a smart, sustainable way
I know I need to spend on formal training, but I don’t know the best place to spend it.”
Identify gaps in “formal” training resources that would guide future spending
I know he took the class; I’m just not sure that he knows how to do the work.”
Measure and track results to uncover pockets of persistent risk
I can’t afford the downtime typically associated with a major technology rollout.”
Prepare for upcoming transitions such as new technology rollouts, reorganizations, and mergers by mapping your redundancies, shortages, and needed skills.
We’re not like everyone else. Our people have truly unique skills, wisdom and experiences.”
Pilot a knowledge transfer solution for use in other locations and positions