Teach What You Know

A Practical Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Monitoring

Steve Trautman


Breakthrough Knowledge Transfer
Techniques for Every Professional!

No matter where you work there are people with experience teaching people who need to learn. Everyone is part of this exchange yet few people know how to do it well. Now, there’s a comprehensive how-to manual for effective knowledge transfer: Teach What You Know.

Steve Trautman introduces simple, practical mentoring techniques he created for engineers at Microsoft, and has proven in many diverse organizations ranging from Nike to Boeing. This is real-world, get-it done advice, organized into a framework you can use no matter what you need to teach. Trautman provides common-sense tools to successfully pass along years or even decades of experiences: easy-to-use checklists, sample training plans, lists of questions, step-by-step procedures, and a start-to-finish case study.

Teach What You Know will help you orient new employees, support transitions to new assignments and promotions, prepare for employee retirements, build teams, roll out new technologies, and even move forward after reorganizations and mergers. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a plan for the entire knowledge transfer process
  • Clarify roles for each type of peer mentor in your organization
  • Set expectations for communication so you can mentor and still get your other work done
  • Organize what must be learned into manageable chunks
  • Develop a measurable training plan in less than an hour
  • Uncover the list of information and support that your apprentices can’t live (or at least learn) without
  • Explain the mysterious ‘big picture’ to your apprentices
  • Create one-hour ‘lesson plans’ in five minutes
  • Give a demonstration that is guaranteed to sink in
  • Help your apprentices take responsibility for their own learning

“Do you find yourself reading books that just ‘make sense,’ so you end up reading the entire book but not doing any of it? Don’t let that happen with this book. The ‘tools’ Steve presents in this book work great. We’ve been using them for over a year at EA Canada with dramatic improvements in onboarding time and knowledge transfer. Here’s the key: when you find a tool in the book that sounds perfect for your situation, stop reading and actually use the tool at least once before you resume reading.”
- Jerry Bowerman, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Arts Canada

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Roles In Peer Mentoring
Chapter 2 Managing Time and Communication
Chapter 3 Focusing On The Most Important Information
Chapter 4 Developing a Training Plan
Chapter 5 Teaching What You Know
Chapter 6 Leveraging Learning Styles
Chapter 7 Assessing Knowledge Transfer
Chapter 8 Giving and Getting Peer-appropriate Feedback
Chapter 9 Peer Mentoring From a Distance
Chapter 10 Peer Mentoring In Practice
Appendix A Peer Mentoring Tools at a Glance
Appendix B Sample Training Plans

The first how-to manual to provide peer mentors tools and a process for getting each other up to speed.


Available now at Prentice Hall (includes free shipping), Amazon, and wherever technical books are sold.