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Free Knowledge Transfer Tools

Sample Knowledge Silo Matrix

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Knowledge Transfer White Paper

Preserving Your Secret Sauce

Knowledge Transfer Strategy

The Key to the People Part of your Existing Strategy

Case Studies

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Knowledge Transfer 101: An Introduction


Best Practices for KT Success: Role by Role

Knowledge Transfer Template

3-step Knowledge Transfer Plan and Assessment Checklist

Knowledge Transfer

Can anyone be good at knowledge transfer?

Are you at risk?

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Knowledge Transfer Glossary

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Talent Risk Management

Talent Risk Management Report

Research Report from i4cp

Talent Risk Management Definition

Read the explanation of Talent Risk Management (TRM)


Case Studies

Knowledge Transfer for Aging, Retired, or Contract Individuals

A major insurance company needed to reduce its reliance on individuals with unique critical knowledge

Growing Human Capital During “Brain Drain”

Basys, a software company, proactively addressed the mounting risk of managing talent

Reducing Ramp-up to Productivity

A major steel manufacturer needed a new and sustainable training approach for their experts and apprentices

Innovation and Change Management

Nike’s footwear division needed manufacturers in 4 Asian regions to take on new skills

KT for Retiring Engineers

The SONGS nuclear generating station was facing 60% loss of its engineering workforce due to retirement

Outsource Partner Consistency

A Fortune 1000 insurance company contracted out its IT work to an India-based outsource partner

Increasing Productivity

A major Fortune 500 software developer struggled with consistency

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Steve Trautman Approach Fact Sheet

3-step Knowledge Transfer Plan

Knowledge Transfer Overview

5-Minute Presentation

Knowledge Transfer Overview

15-Minute Presentation

Knowledge Transfer Benefits

Presentation Overview & Benefits

Sample Email Invite

Template asking for meeting to present Knowledge Transfer program

Assessing Knowledge Transfer

How to Assess A Quality Knowledge Transfer Program

“Elevator Speech”

On our Knowledge Transfer Solution

Knowledge Transfer Workshop

Overview of our workshop and tools offered.

Knowledge Transfer Video Explained

2-Minute Video Overview


Knowledge Transfer Overview Videos on our YouTube Channel

Sales Presentation

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Just for Grins

Dilbert Addresses Knowledge Transfer


Books & Free eBooks

Managing Talent Risk

Steve is writing a new book on Talent Risk Management.

Teach What You Know

No matter where you work there are people with experience teaching people who need to learn.

Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

Reduce the risks of talent shortages but also maximize the payoff of workforce.


Knowledge Transfer 101: An Introduction


Best Practices for KT Success: Role by Role


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Audio & Video

Video Definition

What is Knowledge Transfer?

2 Minute Overview

Our Knowledge Transfer Solution laid out graphically in 2 minutes.

How the Knowledge Silo Matrix Works

Steve Demonstrates the KSM

Can Anyone Be Good At Knowledge Transfer?

Knowledge Transfer Strategy

Knowledge Transfer Across Generations

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Knowledge Transfer Webinar

Knowledge Transfer Strategy


Knowledge Transfer Reduces Risk


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Managing Talent Risk Webinar

A 3-Part Formula for Talent Risk Success

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