Emergency Knowledge Transfer

Have you been given notice by an employee with critical business knowledge? Do you have a plan to retain unique skills and tacit knowledge for when your valued employee departs?

We can help. Today.

Our Emergency Knowledge Transfer solution allows you to dial 911 when a critical expert is headed out the door. It provides you with a methodical, hour by hour plan to transfer their unique technical knowledge to coworkers before it is too late.

We will meet your talent emergency with swift diagnosis, triage, and treatment—using a straightforward Q&A process to assess your highest risk knowledge areas, and within hours chart the results in a simple framework. We then go deeper to identify and prioritize the critical skills of your departing employee, so that you have a clear, date-driven knowledge transfer plan for the time remaining. Learn more.

Our process emphasizes learning at the task level even when the task seems esoteric like troubleshooting technical problems you’ve never seen before, building relationships, or analyzing complex data. It includes simple metrics for measurement and accountability that makes it very attractive to highly analytical experts.

You get clear, fast risk reduction.

Our team of master consultants is agile enough to respond to your need within 24 hours of your call and our solution works with as little as two weeks’ employee notice.

We excel at handling the deep explicit and tactic knowledge of technical professionals. When your employee departs, you will be confident that high priority knowledge has been transferred and remaining risk—if any—is known and isolated. No one will be left guessing.

Contact us to get started now.

With EKT, we maximize our 3-step knowledge transfer process for speed. We can jump into a difficult situation within hours (over the phone) so that our clients enjoy quick response and immediate results. It is ‘simplicity on the other side of complexity.’Steve Trautman, Founder and Principal

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