Do You Need To Onboard New Employees Faster?
We can cut employee onboarding time by 50%.

We are the knowledge transfer experts who bring you a structured, measurable methodology to get your new employees and transfers up to speed—fast.

Our proven knowledge transfer system moves your organization’s secret sauce and most critical skills from experienced employees into the heads and hands your new hires and transfers quicker.  This results in less strain and provides greater consistency and predictability.

 Our program routinely diminishes the stress of onboarding, reduces the risk of premature talent flight, and cuts an employee’s speed to productivity by 50%. 

Our 3-Step Solution

Client Results (Ask us about our relevant projects with Nike, Cadbury, Technip and Boeing)

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Reduce Flight Risk: Help Acquired Employees Settle in and Succeed

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Our 3-step process reduces your workforce risk with simple tools that prioritize the unique critical knowledge and skills in a given job role.  Then it identifies the subject matter experts within your workforce that you most wish to replicate, and teaches these experts  the simplest way to transfer their knowledge and skills to less experienced peers through on-the-job mentoring.

Our approach enables new hires and transfers to take ownership of their onboarding and drive their own learning—so employees are engaged faster and retention improves.  And, once a knowledge transfer structure is in place in your organization, your master Skill Development Plans (onboarding plans) are transferable to future hires in similar job roles—so your investment continues to pay off and your workforce stays at high productivity.


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