Do You Have an Retiring or Aging Workforce?
We can retain and cross-train over 90% of your company’s unique knowledge—fast.

“His name is Joe.  We don’t know exactly what he does, but we’re pretty sure if he stops, we’re all gonna die.”

Sound familiar?

We are the knowledge transfer experts whose proven 3-step process will preserve your organization’s secret sauce by transferring the critical knowledge and experience of your aging workers into the heads and hands of your next generation.

We understand that business performance is put at risk when your experienced employees retire (or leave for any reason) and their unique knowledge is lost from your organization.

Our 3-step knowledge transfer solution—the trusted choice of companies like Boeing, Nike, Costco, Aetna, and Microsoft—will routinely transfer more than 90% of a workforce’s unique knowledge, cut on-boarding time to productivity of new hires or transfers by 50%, and reduce turnover.

Our 3-Step Solution

Client Results

Uncovering and Averting a Crisis

Emergency Knowledge Transfer for Imminent Retirees

How Long Have You Been worried about Your Aging Worker Problem?

Agricultural Industry Deals with Retaining Aging Worker Knowledge; Trade Publication Suggests Knowledge Transfer

Our tools provide the simplest, quickest framework for the systematic assessment and reduction of workforce risks due to aging workers nearing retirement.  We will show you how to:

  •  Assess your workforce risks—such as pinpointing lack of bench strength, unbalanced work loads, and overtaxed experts
  • Transfer both tacit and explicit knowledge from an aging workforce, overextended experts, and/or departing workers to the next generation
  • Teach your aging workers how to measurably transfer both explicit and tacit knowledge
  • Show your next generation of workers how to drive their own learning
  • Measure that knowledge has transferred and provide executives the date by which their risk is reduced


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