For two decades we have pioneered solutions in the knowledge transfer field and have implemented large scale or enterprise-wide projects for clients in a variety of industries—

including Technology, BioTech, Manufacturing & Processing, Finance, Communications, Entertainment, Energy, and Government. Our clients range from Fortune 500’s and 1000’s to mid-caps and some small-caps, as well as those in the nonprofit and public sectors.

Client Stories & Reviews

Microsoft has trained more than 6000 employees on our Knowledge Transfer Workshop.
Nike brought our Knowledge Transfer process to its entire U.S. sales force, and is now rolling out our 3-step solution throughout their Asian operations.
Boeing uses our Skill Development Plans and Knowledge Transfer Workshop to train their manufacturing workforce in 737 assembly.
Intel used the Knowledge Transfer Workshop to onboard a project team from China.
Cadbury uses knowledge transfer to retain and move the company’s unique knowledge throughout their Research & Development teams.
Electronic Arts uses our Skill Development Plans and Knowledge Transfer Workshop as their worldwide knowledge transfer solution.
FMI uses our Knowledge Transfer approach as their on-boarding program with a focus on safety for their mining operations.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Coast Guard use our Skill Development Plans and Knowledge Transfer Workshop to help retiring workers transfer knowledge before departing.
Southern California Edison uses the 3-part Knowledge Transfer process to reduce the risks when losing critical workers to retirement.

A few words from our clients:

Eighteen months ago, when we would hire employees into our consulting services group, we would essentially have to bring them in 9 – 12 months before they were able to fly solo and generate billable revenue. Today, in part because of The Steve Trautman Co. process we have gone through, we’re able to break people in within 90 – 120 days. So we’re able to hire later and bill sooner, and ultimately that has a higher R.O.I.”
Jim Paulson
C.O.O. of Coaxis
We knew we needed something that really fit in with our company’s culture—nothing canned, overly academic or theoretical….Steve Trautman worked for us.”
Ralph Turfus
Founder & CEO of Class Software
You always leave a session with Steve Trautman with something immediately useful. ”
John Sage
Director of Employee Communications, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Steve Trautman is quick, he’s high-energy, good on his feet, engaging with a variety of people, has good business-savvy, and just has that wealth of experience in his field…. To me, he’s heads and shoulders above any other consultants I’ve worked with.”
Angela Owen
Senior VP of Merchandising, REI

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