Are You Implementing New Technology or a Strategy Rollout?

We are the knowledge transfer experts who provide you the simplest and quickest process to prepare your workforce for upcoming transitions—such as new technology and strategy rollouts, major process changes, reorganizations, and mergers.

We clarify risks and define roles during the organization’s change, and then use a proven 3-step process to move the right knowledge and skills to the right people at the right time.  

Change management programs typically help you identify and plan your strategic change; knowledge transfer helps you where the rubber hits the road.  We provide the structure, tools and decision points to implement your organizational change and measure progress at the individual worker level.

Our 3-step Solution

Client Results (Ask us about our relevant Nike, Costco and Boeing projects)

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This was the quickest, most straightforward, and balanced reorg that I’ve ever done” – Executive from major utility following 350-person reorganization.


Our 3-step knowledge transfer process regularly helps  blue chip organizations drive through the storm of the change.  With our proven tools, you will:

  • Identify where your organization’s unique critical knowledge is siloed
  • Map your workforce redundancies, shortages, and needed skills
  • Pinpoint your teams’ lack of critical bench strength
  • Plan better reorganizations based on skill profiles, not just headcount and job titles
  • Prioritize your risks so everyone understands where to concentrate time and resources
  • Move beyond competency models  to define which specific skills and changed behaviors you wish to see
  • Teach your designated experts/mentors HOW to transfer their knowledge with our Knowledge Transfer Workshop (KTW)
  • Teach your designated apprentices/learners HOW to drive their own learning through the KTW
  • Improve workforce productivity and cut costs by increasing consistency in a new or changed job roles
  • Ensure accountability due to the processes’ ease of measurement

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