workforce risk assessment


1. Is your business or organization facing any of these transitions or issues?
Please choose all that apply.

2. Do you anticipate any staffing issues, training needs, knowledge deficiencies, or team readiness challenges because of these transitions or issues you face?
Rate on a scale of 0 – 10, where 0 means “Least Issues Anticipated” and 10 means “Most Issues Anticipated.”

3. Are you experiencing any of the below?
Please choose all that apply.

4. Rate, according to the scale below, your company’s plan to negotiate challenges to your workforce’s readiness, bench strength, and productivity during these transitions.
Choose the statement that applies best.

5. Does your company or organization have a specific framework for assessing workforce risks (risks such as loss of unique knowledge and experience due to exiting workers, talent shortages or redundancies, gaps in formal training resources, etc.)?

6. If you do have a workforce risk assessment framework, does it fail to reveal any of the following:
Choose all that apply.

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