The Steve Trautman Co. continues to grow. Matt Spies joins as our newest consultant, and Amy Alvarado adds critical support as Executive Administrator. The company partners with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) to research trends and best practices for addressing talent risk in U.S. corporations.


Our 20th Anniversary! Continuing to innovate, Steve and his team develop an enterprise-level talent risk management tool, the KSMx.[link to web page when created] Based upon the lynchpin Knowledge Silo Matrix, KSMx provides a unique framework for gathering, analyzing and prioritizing talent risk across a large organization. Forward-thinking clients in the large-scale IT, Insurance, Transportation, Energy, and Retail Food sectors sign on to measurably reduce their talent risk using this new, data-driven tool. Hannah Kirschenbaum joins the team as our Accounting Manager.


The company responds to increased business demand by hiring four key team members in one month. Elana Lim joins as Chief Operating Officer, Teresa Canady brings key talents in Practice Management, Marissa Martinez brings important consulting capacity, and Kirstin Gayte helps keep the office running smoothly. Later in the year, the team continues to grow, welcoming talented consultants Tim Walker, Kelly Prime, and Bridget Jennings. Fun fact: one of these gifted individuals has won 2 Emmy awards.


To address a key pain point of critical employees suddenly departing a workforce, Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT) becomes the company’s newest product. Within hours of engaging with a client, our consultants get to work and in a matter of days, produce a plan that effectively uses each available hour until the employee’s last day to transfer the highest priority knowledge. Steve also publishes a pioneering Knowledge Transfer Strategy white paper.


The Steve Trautman Co. announces a strategic partnership with Ouellette & Associates, specialists in IT professional development, to offer the 3-step Knowledge Transfer Solution to blue-chip companies across America. Projects addressing common business issues such as Aging Workforce, Rapid Onboarding, and Outsource Partner Consistency result in published case studies.


In January coauthors Steve Trautman and Dave Delong (a consultant and researcher at the MIT AgeLab) publish The Executive Guide to High Impact Talent Management with McGraw Hill.

Later this year, the company rebrands itself and changes its name to The Steve Trautman Co. The Peer Mentoring Workshop is renamed to the Knowledge Transfer Workshop. The Steve Trautman Co. partners with CPI, a consortium of 63 consulting companies, to make its 3-step knowledge transfer solution more readily available worldwide via this strategic distribution partner.


International roll outs of Steve Trautman’s codified 3-step knowledge transfer solution continue with companies like Nike, Qualcomm, Honeywell, and EMC onboard.


The company’s first Knowledge Silo Matrix is launched for a nuclear power plant. The tool proves its value as not only as a knowledge transfer planning aid, but also as a risk assessment framework for companies facing the aging worker crisis and/or mergers or reorganization.


Steve begins giving keynote addresses on the topics of knowledge transfer and workforce risk management.


Steve Trautman publishes Teach What You Know: a Practical Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring with Prentice Hall. (Copies have now trained more than 30,000 participants in knowledge transfer.)


The company begins rolling out enterprise-wide knowledge transfer solutions—including Skill Development Plans and the Knowledge Transfer Workshop—to clients such as Boeing, Nike, and Electronic Arts.


Todd Hudson, a former client of The Steve Trautman Co., joins Steve’s team as another master trainer. Conversational in Chinese and having worked for years as a senior manufacturing manager in international corporations, he specializes in both industrial settings and navigating cross-cultural boundaries in the global marketplace. At this time, the company also pilots an early industrial version of its Knowledge Silo Matrix, with an emphasis on using knowledge transfer tools in an industrial environment and reducing safety incidents.


As his business booms and blue-chip clients continue to be added, Steve Trautman leaves Expedia.com to again run his company fulltime. He joins forces with Steve McConnell of Construx Software, the bestselling author and highly respected software development expert, to bring the principles of knowledge transfer deeper into the software industry.

Steve Trautman and Sherryl Christie develop the Practical Leader Management Series. The company also forms strategic partnerships with Boston University and Oregon Graduate Institute.


Steve accepts an offer to become GM of Expedia.com’s advertising business unit, then a $20 million ad business. He continues to run his own company. He now lives on both sides of the talent management problem.


Sherryl Christie joins Steve Trautman and contributes further development to his knowledge transfer solution. She becomes one of the company’s master trainers, particularly in the high tech arena, having worked with clients including Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, Apple, Motorola, HP, Xilinx, and Oracle. Stacey Dickinson also joins Steve Trautman’s team as a master trainer after many years in technical and training roles at Microsoft.


Later this year, Steve leaves Microsoft to form his Seattle-based company, with Microsoft as his first client. Trautman’s team would go on to train more than 6,000 people at Microsoft alone in his knowledge transfer techniques.


Steve Trautman co-founds a department at Microsoft to provide training for everyone shipping software worldwide. He rolls out an expanded version of his program to cross-train and mentor the company’s new employees in engineering, test, marketing, documentation, and localization.


A young project manager working on Word 1.0 at Microsoft, Steve Trautman, develops his first knowledge transfer program, then called “Peer Mentoring,” as a solution to intense on-the-job training needs of his own team of software translators and localizers.

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