Steve Trautman leads executive retreats and management sessions in the areas of knowledge transfer, strategic planning, communication of the big picture, leadership and organization, and accountability.

For example:

REI, Inc. used Steve to help them plan for a major reorganization that included adding a level of leadership.
Qualcomm China’s president invited Steve to give a session to his senior leadership from five countries.
Black Diamond Equipment used Steve to lead strategic planning sessions.

Any session with Steve is characterized by his distinct style. Steve is:

Credible and Experienced. He’s a knowledge transfer expert who has pioneered many of the concepts and terminology used in the field today. He’s worked in knowledge transfer and talent management for more than 20 years, and has a wealth of experience and examples to draw upon that will clarify solutions as well as offer cautionary tales relating to your business challenge. And—having walked in your shoes as a corporate executive—he knows how to quickly get to relevancy in terms of developing strategy, meeting business goals, and driving profitability.

Demystifying. Steve is a superb educator, translator, and communicator. He has a particular gift for taking the mystery out of knowledge transfer and talent management issues, and making things clear for you and your team. Executives leave a session with Steve feeling better informed, more confident, and well equipped.

Quick. Steve is quick-minded, quick-spoken, and quick-working. He’s keeps an energetic pace. He can define a problem and come up with a practical solution as fast as almost anyone. He will not waste your time. Some may call him hard-driving, but he’s action-oriented and conscious of adding real value. His presence has been said to have a catalyzing effect on a team.

Relevant. Steve lives 24/7 in the real world, not a theoretical or academic one. He is always business-oriented, and his sessions lack the fluff that exists with many other consultants. Driven by an innate curiosity, his presentations are never canned (he would find that boring), and instead he is a “student of your business”—listening and learning so he can apply his experience and solutions in ways that will work for you.

Insightfully Blunt. Like many business leaders born out of the Pacific Northwest culture, Steve is no nonsense, no BS, and dedicated to straightforward truth-telling. He will not sugarcoat things; he will not handle with kid gloves. At times, he may use colorful language to grab attention or make a point—but he’s not combative. Sometimes his directness can rub people the wrong way, but for others, he’s “the consultant for executives who don’t like consultants.”

Practical. Steve is extremely practical. He asks pointed questions that “shine the light” on things that don’t make sense to “show the stupid” that can be cut from work practices. Executives and other participants love his easy-to-understand and quick to implement tools and solutions. He’s often known as “the tool guy”—with practical methods & frameworks that excite people’s confidence.

Funny/Entertaining. Both as a facilaitor and as a speaker, Steve knows how to work a room and understands the role of entertainment as a way to help educate and effect change. His ideas and jokes often originate from a business’s or event’s language and culture, to achieve the insider tone needed for facilitating meetings and implementing strategies. At times his humor will be somewhat subversive to counter groupthink or a common trend. He is conscious, however, to maintain an appropriate balance of education versus entertainment, knowing that the true test of session leader is whether or not they provided participants with real value.

A Passionate Advocate. Steve is confident and persuasive. More than just a passive facilitator, he is willing to insert himself into a process with a client, being assertive and declarative. He has the motivating effect of a natural leader.

Street Smart. Steve grew up working in an auto parts store and machine shop, learning the fundamentals of business from a young age. He knows what BS and waste looks like, as well as a good idea and success. He also learned integrity. He balances his hard-core business side with internal values to which he is quietly committed; his outlook is never all business without human responsibility.

Measurable. Everything Steve proposes and does can be measured to ensure that it’s working and there is accountability.

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