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At The Steve Trautman Co., we provide business executives with the simplest, most relevant, and quick solutions for knowledge transfer.

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Our 3-step knowledge transfer solution has proven itself in a range of industries and with blue-chip clients. In Step 1, we give you an ultra-clear, practical framework for assessing your workforce talent and capability risks—resulting in a quick, easy-to-read visual of your organization’s critical knowledge gaps. We call it the Knowledge Silo Matrix—and it not only identifies your “code red” risks due to increased demand, overtaxed experts, or aging workers, but also shows who in your organization needs cross-training or on-boarding and in what specific knowledge areas.

In Step 2, we craft Skill Development Plans that break each high risk role identified in Step 1 into a clear list of skills that must be learned, questions that get at the wisdom behind the role, and the resources available to support knowledge transfer. Plans include built-in accountability: measurements are specified to ensure the knowledge was transferred, and schedules let you know the date by which your risk will be reduced. Plans are also adaptable to meet both your immediate, short-term needs and the needs of your long-term, changing workforce picture.

And in Step 3, we teach a Knowledge Transfer Workshop that provides 15 proven tools for transferring knowledge quickly and relevantly while on-the-job. This workshop was originally written for extremely busy—sometimes reluctant—engineers, and provides a practical pathway to execute the Skill Development Plans created in Step 2. It uses plain language to make the process clear and approachable.

We’ll show you what matters in knowledge transfer and why, and—the best part—all progress is observable and all results are measurable, so that you can track your R.O.I.

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