“We’ve done lots of training courses through our HR department—and our teams are still not ready.” Sound familiar?

Why On-The-Job Learning Is What Works

Too many times we have heard senior executives tell us of the above problem in our initial conversations. This is because formal job training alone is insufficient to move wisdom and tacit knowledge around your company. Also, studies have shown that the classroom is not where adults learn best; regardless of occupation, most adults learn their job roles through 10% classroom training, 70% on-the-job training and mentoring, and 20% other sources.*

There are times in business when formal job training is appropriate. However, your employees will still use on-the-job training to become skilled in their functions. Our knowledge transfer process takes on-the-job training to its most effective point and makes it quicker, more intentional, and measurable.

Another reason on-the-job knowledge transfer works better than other approaches is the obvious: it’s realistic. Your top talent cannot be excused from their daily responsibilities to spend whole weeks formally training co-workers. Our process was not devised in the theoretical realm of a university lab but was developed within intense, no-nonsense business environments with tight production schedules and workers who needed to be highly productive in their standard workday. So our process holds up in the real world.

Also, our on-the-job knowledge transfer solution allows apprentice employees to see immediate relevance between the unique knowledge they are learning and their job roles—and to feel greater control over and confidence in their performance. This aids the apprentice’s absorption of the knowledge—and increases employee morale and retention, respectively.”

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