Knowledge transfer and the business area known as knowledge management aim to solve different problems. Our knowledge transfer solution compliments and strengthens existing knowledge management efforts.

Knowledge management concerns itself with interactive web-based tools that ask questions of experts and then store that information for others, usually in a database. The need to comprehensively store information is not the problem that knowledge transfer aims to solve.

We focus on moving important knowledge from one person to another in a scalable, measurable way, such that your organization’s unique wisdom and information is absorbed by new minds and your workforce’s immediate proficiencies increase. Whereas knowledge management results in a database and the assurance that knowledge is preserved, knowledge transfer is a deliberate process that results in the assurance that knowledge has accurately moved and been absorbed.

We teach you how to make knowledge transfer happen naturally at your company every day. Some of our clients, such as Kraft, have executed our knowledge transfer solution out of their knowledge management department as a way to strengthen the latter’s functions.

Whether you are interested in knowledge transfer as a complement to your knowledge management investments, or by itself, we provide you a sustainable solution for moving knowledge throughout your company.

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