Our 3-step Knowledge Transfer Solution



Identify your company’s weaknesses and those who can help fix them.

The Knowledge Silo Matrix provides executives with a clear and simple framework for defining the unique knowledge a workforce or team needs, who has it, who lacks it, and who is able to teach it to those who must learn it. Learn more.


an Action

Develop a defined action plan to fix the issues identified in Step 1.

Next we create Skill Development Plans for each high risk area of expertise. These include a clear list of what must be learned, questions that get at the wisdom behind the role, and the resources available to support knowledge transfer. Learn more.


Learn to
act on the

Mentors and apprentices come together to learn how to transfer knowledge.

We teach a Knowledge Transfer Workshop that trains chosen mentors how best to share their unique knowledge via 15 proven tools and techniques. Apprentices also attend so they can drive their own learning and prepare to be next-generation mentors. Learn more.

All three tools can operate independently and are scalable from small teams to enterprise-wide solutions.

More than just a way of training employees, the progress of knowledge transfer is observable, and—best of all—subsequent reductions in workforce risks are measurable, so you can monitor and hold your team accountable for steadily reducing each risk.

All Steve Trautman Co. tools follow the “simple but not simplistic” rule: senior executives outside of HR can quickly absorb the concepts behind our methods, and understand how our products will work for their teams, in as little as a single conversation. Their managers can grasp and begin applying our tools just as fast.

We are real world, business-oriented solution providers. We are not academics who deal in the theoretical. Nor are we consultants who try to inculcate ourselves into your organization long-term. We equip you with practical tools and work with you until you understand your knowledge transfer and workforce productivity problems clearly enough to take action independent of us.


    What sets us apart from other firms working in knowledge transfer is our ultra-clear, practical framework for risk management in the areas of human capital and workforce talent—and our nearly 20 years of experience. We know knowledge transfer.

    Founder and Principal Steve Trautman has been a pioneer of the field since the early 1990s, when he developed the first company-wide knowledge transfer program (then called Peer Mentoring) for engineers at Microsoft. Today his 3-step Knowledge Transfer Solution is the recognized gold standard for corporate America.

    • We can typically retain and cross-train more than 90% of a company’s unique knowledge.
    • We can typically cut by 50% the ramp-up to productivity of new employees.
    • Our Approach

    Learn more about each of the 3 Steps in the Knowledge Transfer Solution.